Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trading with Night Owl Cards II

Night Owl Cards, which in my opinion is the most well-written baseball card blog out there, sent another stack of Cardinals my way in a trade. Actually, this wasn't so much a trade as it was an exchange that went something like this:
  • Night Owl Cards: "I got some cards over here for you."
  • Cards on Cards: "Oh yeah?! Well I got some cards over here, for you!"
  • NOC: "Really? Well, I still have cards here for you, and I'm totally going to send them!"
  • CoC: "Send cards, you say? Your cards are already in the mail! Beat that!"
Night Owl then proceeded to get the last word in by threatening to send me another package, with Allen & Ginter cards. Yeesh!

I love the Bob Gibson Heroes card and I need to buy more. This one is a charcoal parallel that I believe is retail only. The rest of the parallels are all serial numbered if I recall. I normally am not a huge fan of parallels, but most people seem to agree that they're pretty fun in this set, at least if you're a player or team collector.

1992 Score - Bernard Gilkey (Just a great photo. If I was going to branch out to be more of a unique collector, a la Dinged Corners, I would strongly consider collecting cards where a baseball is in mid-flight.)

2007 Fleer - Jason Isringhausen (I like Izzy. I was really happy when the Cardinals picked him up in 2002. He's given a lot of Cardinals fans some serious high blood pressure and probably even a few ulcers over the years, but when he's on his game he is fun to watch. I hope that if his career is truly over, he sticks around the Cardinals in some capacity. And if he's not done being an effective pitcher, I hope that somehow he gets an opportunity with the Cards again. At a low, incentive-laden cost, of course.)

1982 Donruss - Sixto Lezcano (He just has a cool name. And I still like the cheesy bat and ball logo. I don't know if I would have collected this over Topps if I had started collecting in 1982 instead of 1986, but I definitely bought a number of these when I was younger because at the time they were still pretty cheap.)

1984 Donruss - Darrell Porter (I love getting 1984 Donruss cards because it's one of the only sets of the '80s that does not seem to be extremely plentiful.)

2008 Bowman Chrome - Albert Pujols (I absolutely love getting Chrome cards in trades because I never buy the packs. $3 or more per pack for a miniscule chance of getting a Cardinal card is not very appealing.)

2008 UD Masterpieces - Ozzie Smith (I was really happy to see this card. Ozzie's 2007 Masterpieces card is amazing, and I knew I needed to own this soon when I saw he had one in this year's set.)

1984 Donruss - David Von Ohlen (Someone with the name David Von Ohlen probably wouldn't have been very popular at my grade school, so I wonder if he got teased as a child.)

2006 Topps Autographs - Anthony Reyes (We love Reyes in this household. This is now the third certified autograph I've ever owned. It's extremely awesome of this generous blogger to send this card. Of course, it's terrible manners to criticize a gift, but... why does 75% of this card have to be a giant white space. Did they expect some players to sign with an extra-wide Sharpie? I know, I know... it's much better to have an on-card autograph than those silly stickers. Maybe one day Topps will figure it out.)

Uh, oh. Yikes. Erin, hide your eyes!


  1. That was entertaining and pretty much the highlight of the last 8 hours as i've been up all night sick.

    As much as I rant about cards with super-tiny photos, I actually like these '06 auto cards. They have a nice, simple design. There' not 800 things going on at once.

  2. I'm not fightin! I'll just take it when you're not looking.


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