Saturday, August 8, 2009

$5 Repack

I hadn't bought a repack box in awhile, and on my current budget I decided to spend wisely and go for something cheaper. I was hooked instantly when saw this goody grab bag, with the 2008 Heritage pack in the front. I think I have all of the main Cardinals from the Future Stars set, the other pack that is showing, but the third (hidden) pack is what made me nervous. I think I bought one of these once before and the pack turned out to be a 1991 Upper Deck pack. I crossed my fingers and hoped there would be nothing from 1991. I found it rather interesting that the "GREAT VALUE!" sticker covered up what was most likely a Topps logo, while Upper Deck was still on board with this venture. There was a similar sticker in the same spot on the back.

I'll start with the hidden pack first, which turned out to be none other than a 2007 Topps Series 2 pack containing 6 cards. It looks like it probably came out of a blaster.

545 - Miguel Cairo
478 - Octavio Dotel

344 - Kenji Johjima (He really, really fell off after his first year or two in MLB.)
518 - Esteban Loaiza

HP5 - Manny Ramirez Hit Parade (If it wasn't an insert, I probably would not have scanned this. This goes into my inserts binder. That binder is one of the first things I look through when looking for cards to send out for trades.)
- 2008 All-Star Game sweepstakes thing
- Topps of the Class thing (pre-David Wright)
529 - Chris Snelling

Well, wasn't that fun? I'll try the 2007 Upper Deck Future Stars pack next. I'm doing this thing in order of least to most importance.

33 - Magglio Ordonez (I don't dislike this set nearly as much as I did at first. I still prefer cards with natural backgrouns, though.)

TS-OM - Micah Owings / Miguel Montero Two for the Bigs 343/999 (Pretty cool card. I have no idea how difficult these care to get. I wonder if there's a Cardinals version of this. Unfortunately, this didn't scan all that well so you're missing the players names, but they are certainly there. I should probably send this along to Dinged Corners.)
24 - Aaron Harang
41 - Carlos Lee

Alright, and now here's the 2008 Topps Heritage pack.

142 - Rich Thompson (RC) (Got it.)
271 - Andy Phillips (Got it.)
375 - Manny Ramirez Baseball Thrills (Ugh. Got it.)
39 - Joe Mauer (Good player. Got it.)
171 - Delmon Young (Got it.)

NAP7 - Alex Rodriguez New Ager Performers (This pretty much paid for the pack right here, except... yes, I got it.)

5 - Javier Vazquez Black Back (Got this one, too.)
267 - Xavier Nady Black Back (And this as well.)

Well, there's 8 more cards for the trade pile. Let me know if anyone is still working on this set.

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Anonymous said...

I got a '90 Donruss pack as the crappy hidden one once, so don't feel too bad about '91 Upper Deck.