Monday, August 24, 2009

Contest Time!

Okay, okay, calm down. I'm not having a contest right now (yet...) but there are several others out there who are. I'm sure you've all had enough of these contest-related posts on other people's blogs, and I wasn't personally going to do one, but now I'm starting to feel like I'm not doing my part. Here are some links to contests that I actually entered. There are probably lots of others out there that I haven't entered if you poke around a bit.

Coolio Cards is doing a straight-up, no frills giveaway. Check it out here.

This one is a little trickier. Collective Troll wants you to cast your vote to put some guys in the Hall of Fame. This is your chance to stick up for the guys that the media jerks never want to talk about and the stupid old writer types are too senile and stuck in their old ways to give a cough about. Plus, there's the chance to get some free cards, of course.

Card Cache is doing some late summer cleaning and getting rid of Allen & Ginter cards en masse. Nothing tricky about this one, but if you don't want to enter that means more A&G for me (in theory.)


So what's up with Mr. Dodson up there? I needed to scan at least one baseball card to make this post, for one thing, so I thought I would test this out as I've been thinking of making airbrushed cards a regular feature on this blog. You can see that Topps's meddling ways were transferred to their early Bowman revival years. The cap logo is a pretty obvious airbrush job and the shirt is pretty ridiculous looking as well.

What really caught my eye is the center of the Brewers "mitt" logo. Instead of the stitching that you would expect, the "artist" drew a "4" and a "9" in the logo. Does anyone know the significance of this? I'm completely baffled. And even though this is not a contest, if someone out there can find me a plausible explanation, or even a very elaborate and convincing (but completely fake) explanation I might have a prize for you. Besides this card, of course.

Bo Dodson, incidentally, never made it out of AAA.


JD's Daddy said...

Hey there,

I am still sporting the David Freese 2009 Chrome Auto Card if you are interested...

Bo said...

Interesting - Teddy Higuera wore #49 for the Brewers, so it was not like it was his spring training number. Maybe that was his number on the Stockton Ports? Perhaps he had his number on his Ports hat and the Topps artist put it on the Brewers hat.

Or maybe the CIA was sending its agents secret messages through random numbers on the photos of Bowman baseball cards, the way they used to do in clues in newspaper crossword puzzles. Perhaps this is not a matter that should be pursued too closely...