Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2009 Allen and Ginter Retail by the Numbers

At the monthly card show this weekend, I was really tempted to pick up a box of the new Updates & Highlights. It would have cost me $45, and I know it would have been fun to open, but I felt like I would probably end up cutting myself off from buying anything else and I would have left the place without anything I really, truly need. Instead, I spotted something perhaps less fun but definitely needed: a retail box of 2009 Allen & Ginter. The price was $39 for what basically amounts to 3 blasters worth of retail packs. This should finally persuade me to get my want list together. Over the next few weeks I will show the results of each pack that I opened, card by card, so you can experience a true feel of what this set is all about.

Just kidding, of course. I know you were all burned out by this stuff by September (thanks, fellow bloggers!) so I'll spare you all the particulars and just do a summary account with some pictures thrown in.

2 mutant packs, one with two National Pride cards and one lacking a mini. Personally, I'd rather get two minis.

12 regular SP cards, including everyone's favorite cone geyser, Old Faithful.

2 black bordered minis (stated odds - 1:10 packs), Wyatt Earp and Ryan Zimmerman.

10 regular ol' minis, including the ubiquitous Ichiro.

3 Cardinals cards, including this Yadier Molina mini. This is the true "hit" of the box if you ask me.

25 National Pride cards, and I bet half of them are doubles.

1 Allen & Ginter back SP mini (1:65), Chris Young the Pitcher.

2 regular SP minis (1:13), Yovani Gallardo and Justin Masterson.

4 regular Allen & Ginter back minis (1:5), including this Motocross Champion.

2 Ginter Code parallels (1:12), Edgar "Bacteria" Renteria and Jay Bruce.

2 Hoaxes, Hoodwinks & Bamboozles (1:12), Idaho (I've been there, it's not a myth) and Ferdinand Waldo Demara.

2 National Heroes (1:12), Janos Damjanich of Hungary and Sun Yat-Sen of China.

4 Baseball Highlights Sketch cards (1:6), including this extremely creased and poorly drawn Alex Rodriguez. He'll join my mangled Derek Jeter mini and perhaps a Kevin Kouzmanoff in an envelope to Topps.

And 1 Framed Relic from Group B (1:622), Eric Gagne. It figures that I get a relic card from the toughest group to pull from and it ends up being pretty much the only lousy player in the bunch. I mean, they didn't even bother to make a base card of this guy. Congrats to me.

I should have my want list updated by about this time tomorrow.


Brian said...

If you have any mini dupes or minis to trade I'm interested. I've got a stack of Cards cards set aside for you already.

FanOfReds said...

Like Brian, I'm also looking for some of the minis still - my want/have list for Allen & Ginter can be found here:

night owl said...

Still looking for #30 and #339. If you have doubles, think of me.

kevincrumbs said...

Ouch. The Gagne is a tough one to swallow. Maybe someone out there still collects him?

JD's Daddy said...

what is this monthly card show that you speak of? I live in Portland and need to know where these things take place...

madding said...

It's at Jantzen Beach. The place that puts it on used to have a website, but now they don't apparently. If you look at Beckett's show calendar (you can just google "beckett show calendar") and search for Portland it will show you the dates/specifics. It's not very big, but it's free and it's better than nothing.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

I may have a few errant Cardinals to swap - LMK

I'd like to see more Gibby and Brock.

Check out my blog -


gcrl said...

i'd be interested in the gagne...

did you receive the cards from me yet?

madding said...

Chuck's - I'll be in contact soon.

gcrl - I love the cards. I've been a bit intimidated by the sheer volume to write about them yet. I'm working on a starter set of '79 Topps for you that I'll add to the Dodgers cards I'm sending you.

everyone else who inquired about A&G cards - I'll go through them soon, hopefully tonight, and update my list.