Saturday, October 31, 2009

Good Luck Ducks, Week 9: Meet the Autzen Reaper

Remember this guy, USC? Remember him? Remember how he carved up your vaunted defense? Remember how you had no idea where he was going from one play to the next? Remember how badly your ears burned for days after from the howls of Autzen Stadium's Ducks fans, haunting your dreams that turned into recurring nightmares where you just can't seem to get back into the BCS title game no matter how hard you try.

Remember when it looked like you just might tie the game until Matthew Harper picked off your precious Mark Sanchez with mere seconds remaining on the clock?

Oh, Dennis may be out of eligibilty, but in his place is one Jeremiah Masoli. And there are many ferocious Ducks out there just like him, waiting to take a peck at your souls with our razor-sharp beaks and webbed feet of DOOM.

Game time is 5:00 PDT on ABC or ESPN2. When you hear the rapping at your door tonight, it might not be the kids out looking for a candied snack. It could just be a ferocious duck, telling you that your time has come.

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