Saturday, October 10, 2009

Good Luck Ducks, Week 6: Rose Bowl

The Ducks head to the Rose Bowl today. Okay, sure, it's not January 1st, but no matter how great or terrible UCLA is, a game at the Rose Bowl is always a big event. Oregon is set to make up for their last appearance at the Rose Bowl in 2007, which was one of the most frustrating Ducks games I've ever watched. Jeremiah Masoli is highly unlikely to play, as he's suffered a double-secret-probation knee injury that is alternately a "day-to-day" nuisance and a Major Career Altering Event. Considering the disinformation surrounding Dennis Dixon's ACL injury in 2007, I am not one to trust the Ducks athletic department as far as their injury reports are concerned.

Dixon was... okay, I can't really suppress superlatives right here... he was magical that season. And some horrible Modern College Football Fate took it all away from him. Things are still interesting for the 2009 Ducks, however, as their defense has been very nearly impossible to solve. Injuries have been suffered, but it's still unlikely to have an overriding faith in that line. Masoli struggled like crazy in the first few games this year, but just as he was starting to figure it out again, he came up with the Knee Flu. Nate Costa will get the start today with Masoli serving as the emergency backup QB (scary.) He has looked good in his 4 appearances to date, although two were in mop-up duty two or three seasons ago.

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MadHandle11 said...

Dennis Dixon made me want to be a better man. Good luck Ducks!