Thursday, May 13, 2010

5 Stars!!! Trade with TJ

TJ of All Your Base Cards (Are) Belong To Us recently claimed some Super Estrellas cards that I posted about. I received my return packaging late last month (hey, I'm catching up!) and here are a few of the cards that I received, including this shiny Colby Rasmus 2009 Topps Heritage Chrome card. Rasmus got off to a nice start this season, but like nearly the entire Cardinals offense, he's hit a bit of a slide of late. Hopefully the fresh (?) Cincinnati air this weekend will help clear his head and bring upon much success.

I picked up a few Turkey Red inserts in the deal, including this iconic Lou Gehrig 2009 version. It's truly a shame that there's such a limited amount of existing photography for some of the legendary players of the game.

My collection of Ducks hoopsters is sadly lacking, but this Luke Jackson 2004 Sage HIT Q&A (is that a thing? I don't follow college cards at all) is a sound addition. The basketball Ducks don't quite have the legacy of turning out pros like the football team, but it does have Terrell Brandon, Aaron Brooks, Luke Ridnour and... er... Blair Rasmussen in my lifetime.

Thanks again to TJ! 5 STARS!!!

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camclow said...

Hey I have some doubles of some Ducks basketball cards. I'll dig them up if you are interested. either e-mail me ( or leave a comment somewhere on my blog: