Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Night Junkie Loot Post

Trading has slowed a bit with me, most likely due to my lack of timeliness in getting myself in gear and out to the post office. It's not really the "going to the post office" effort that proves to be daunting, it's usually my poor organization skills and failure to actually dig through my many boxes of cards to find stuff that people are looking for. I did get a bunch of stuff mailed out Tuesday and plan to take another stab at it by next weekend. I sent a few things to dayf along with my loot contribution to the Heritage blaster fantasy league. I honestly can't remember who is even on my team or how they're doing, but I guess that's fortunately not up to me to keep track of.

The Mark Mulder 2005 Studio Stars card is actually made of clear plastic, but it looks white due to the white backdrop from the scanner. I suppose I could have tried scanning it with the cover off, but that idea failed to make it to my brain until now.

Included in the package were a handful of 2002 Topps Heritage cards, one of the many Heritage sets that I'm trying to collect without actually making much of an effort. If you feel like you have nothing to trade me, this is a good place to start. Meanwhile, I love Bobby Bo's facial expression here. Hilarity.

Bill Ortega only made 5 appearances in the majors in his career, which is why I can never remember who he is. Thanks,!

Dayf was kind enough to send over 5 short prints from my 2009 Allen & Ginter want list. I'm down to needing 18 SPs and 7 regular base cards.

Hey guys, did you hear that I also like basketball cards? Well, that's only partially true. I really have no use for any NBA cards that aren't Blazers or Oregon alums. I don't have many Scottie Pippen Blazers cards, so this is a nice addition.

I was always a huge 'Sheed fan, which makes me feel a little sheepish. Here he is dunking on future Blazers cap space hog Raef LaFrentz.

I remember Erick Barkley at one point telling everyone that he was the best player on the team (or was it the best point guard?) I don't remember the exact quote, but he never amounted to anything in the NBA and was a waste of a late first round pick.

Finally, the Cardboard Junkie sent over a couple of oversized Mark McGwire goodies that I'll probably never figure out how to store. I'm saving the other one for a future Christmas themed post, but this Stadium Club Scenes card from 2000 has a nice view of Busch II.

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