Sunday, May 30, 2010

Trading with Chris Redux

It's always fun to trade with Chris, who has the most expansive (and searchable!) trading list on the internet as far as I know. His site is a one-stop trading card shop, and I'm always left with a healthy stack of cards to add my collection. He is also the proprietor of Check out this recent article about a set that is relevant to today's collecting! Here are just a few of the cards I picked up from Chris on this go around.

I actually have no idea what this is. It's clearly a parallel from 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes, but other than the Black retail parallels, I had thought that all of the color variations were serial numbered. This one clearly isn't. Does anyone have any ideas about this? Nevertheless, it's another nice addition to my Ozzie Smith collection, my very first player collection.

Topps... Laser? Are you kidding me? This card has etchings in it. The white parts in the image are actually holes in the card.

Metal Universe cards are always fun. My scanner seems a bit grumpy today, so you may not be able to tell that this is Brian Jordan and a fiery ring of... fire... created by his bat apparently.

I don't really understand this set. Sportflics, which later became Sportflix, apparently gave up on the whole "magic motion" thing and just came up with a card that makes you feel like you're really tired when you're looking at it.

I grabbed a few non-Cardinal cards for my budding player collections. Here's Matt Holliday and his patented leg kick. Holliday hasn't shown a lot of home run power yet this season, but he's starting to hit better as the Cardinal offense is starting to show signs of life again.

This 2001 Stadium Club Adam Wainwright card is just my second card of his from when he was in the Braves system. I need more.

Score made such consistently great looking cards with their Select line back in the '90s. I wish they could do that again.

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Glad you enjoyed the cards!