Monday, August 2, 2010

Even More Card Show Goodies

After taking June's show off, I returned to the monthly card show this past Saturday and ended up spending the majority of my time digging through bargain boxes. No one should be surprised at that, of course, but I am always glued to a table when there are large quantities of cards at a nickel a piece (or less). In this case, I found one guy who had some cards for a penny and another guy who had an entire table full of boxes at 2 cents a card.

Before I got to the cheapies, however, I picked up half a dozen or so 2009 Heritage High SPs for only $1 each. Unfortunately, I already had a couple of them since this was one want list I forgot to print out and take with me. I have those cards available to trade now, however, so it's not all bad.

I also managed to get ahold of both of the Pujols inserts from the same set for just 50 cents a piece.

Unfortunately, these two cards will stay on my list because I need two copies of each Cardinal in sets that I am working on.

Here's an example of one of the amazing bargains I snagged from the 2 cent bins. This it the short-printed variation of this card that I wrote about awhile back. I also got a Pudge Rodriguez SP from the same set and a Mike Mussina SP from 2006 Bowman Heritage.

These minis weren't a penny, but I believe they were only a quarter. It brings me two more dinosaur cards closer to Total Dinosaur Supremacy.

And, of course, there were the Cardinals cards. I tried to restrain myself and just choose a few from the bargain bins. I actually ended up filling up an entire 800 ct. box (and then some) when all was said and done, snagging a lot of 2 cent cards for people I trade with in the process.

Aside from the refractors that were in the 2 cent boxes (seriously), I was actually a bit more surprised to see mid-'80s traded set cards in mint condition. I ended up with a few cards from the '83, '84 and '85 sets including this elusive Vince Coleman rookie card that I have coveted for years.

This card is no "Fleet Feet", but it's one I didn't own before. There are a ton of Cardinals in the tiny 1985 Donruss Highlights boxed set.

Finally, I usually try to reward myself with at least one autographed or game-used purchase, especially when I'm searching for those sorts of things for others. This completed a 3 for $10 purchase and is a really nice looking card with an on-card autograph that everyone can enjoy.

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Collective Troll said...

I love the '85 Vinny Van Go! I would gladly take some of the extra 2009 SPs off your hands. I haven't got a new card for that set in ages...