Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Flock of Cardinals from Reader Tim

Longtime reader Tim sent over a huge package of random Cardinals recently and I figured right now is as good of a time as any to show some of them off.

I credit Jason Simontacchi for bringing back the striped socks look. I think there's usually been one guy on the team (and occasionally two) that has worn the stripes ever since Simo virtually appeared out of nowhere in 2002. So Taguchi (occasionally), Anthony Reyes, Brian Barton and Brendan Ryan have all donned the stripes since.

This 1996 Panini sticker will make a nice addition to my Ozzie collection. I don't think I had any 1996 Panini stickers before the two that were in this package.

2007 was definitely my favorite modern Goudey set, even though it doomed itself by having both red and green back versions of all of the cards.

Why show a J.D. Drew card? I don't know. I guess I feel like occasionally showing my appreciation for filling up a spot in one of my Cardinals binders without actually having to spend money on a player I don't particularly care for.

Ah, Brett Tomko, a sign of the tragic state of the 2003 Cardinals pitching crew.

Here's a token Edmonds card, this time from 2004 Topps Total. I don't have many Topps Total cards from this year.

I received a few oversized goodies from the 1994 Fleer Extra Bases set. I have seen packs of this stuff a few times in card shops and shows, but they always look like they've been trampled on or kicked around.

Here's the highlight of the package, at least for me. It's a insert from the Cardinals championship year (and Wainwright's rookie year) of the Cards' ace. Yes, I said ace. If Chris Carpenter says he's the ace, then he's the ace. You don't "mess" with Carp.

I always appreciate Blazers cards. Topps chose to incorrectly angle the logo and Derek Anderson was never the player he once was in a brilliant season with the Spurs before he crumbled hard to the floor on a rough flagrant foul. Still, it's Topps Total. Can't complain about that.

Thanks again to Tim, who should be expecting a package from me in the near future. (If you're expecting something from me, I'm a little bit behind right now. Oops.)


TSHenson said...

Glad that you liked the cards I sent your way. I look forward to the package of cards you will be sending my way. I have found more Cardinals cards for another trade in the future. Just let me know when you send out the package. Tim

Erin said...

Aw, you forgot Jason Marquis. How could you? His socks.