Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Troll Box o' Fun Part 1: The Cards

If you watched tonight's Cards/Reds game or even if you just happened to catch the highlights, you know why I have this card first at the top of my post. I received a huge package from The Collective Troll recently. The box included all sorts of goodies, some of which I've decided to hold off on showing until a separate post. This one is all about the Cardinals.

This flashy Ozzie card is definitely not one I already had in my collection. The Wizard looks like he just blasted a walk-off home run, but if you know Ozzie it's far more likely the bat just slipped out of his hands. Still, let's just say it was a big HR.

I don't really know what's going on here. There are two other guys on the other side. I think you're either supposed to bend this in half or combine it with another card to make up some sort of coffee table decoration.

Now, there's a facsimile signature that I can get behind.

There were a ton of O-Pee-Chee cards in the box, and this one was probably my favorite. I hadn't seen the bilingual All-Star stripe before.

This is one of the better looking Heritage cards this year in my opinion. There are an awful lot of head shots I could do without.

Here's a rare '70s Traded set card that isn't actually an airbrushed job. On second thought, I do wish that Curtis was wearing a cap.

Nice vintage card! Current Cardinals radio broadcaster Mike "Moon Man" Shannon is seen waiting to congratulate current FOX MLB blowhard Tim McCarver after his deciding home run.

The Troll sent me not one, but two stellar Jim Edmonds relic cards. One would think that I would have more built up animosity towards Edmonds, who is now on his third NL Central team since being traded by the Cardinals in 2008, but I don't. The Cubs thing was a bit tough to handle, but I'm over it.

This card is easily one of the nicest (and nicest looking) that I've received all season. It's also numbered 58 out of 100.

Thanks again to The Collective Troll. Part 2 will be coming up really soon!

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SpastikMooss said...

Combine not bend! lol. You need to find its twin though.