Monday, January 31, 2011


Continuing a theme for the month, I received a large unexpected package from a fellow blogger in the mail. Rod of Padrographs sent over a bunch of Cardinals cards, including no less than 8 on-card autographs. If you haven't checked out Padrographs yet, you must hate baseball. And autographs. And autographed baseball cards. The site is a virtual gallery of autographed Padres cards of players both famous and totally obscure.

Some of the Fleer Tradition designs make sense, while others... what exactly were they going for, here? Is this continuing the tradition of gold foil on baseball cards that seemed to crop up first in the early '90s? Blooper just recently signed a minor league deal with the Cubs after taking a year off.

I like to show off this card at every chance I get. (As an extra benefit, it really freaks my girlfriend out.) Now I have an autographed version of it!

I'm a fan of a lot of the Fleer Ultra designs over the years, but this is one that just doesn't work for me.

It's amazing, but there are actually 1987 Fleer Cardinal cards that I do not own. I'm down to missing just one for the team set now, thanks to this Terry Pendleton pickup. I'm really curious about the towel there. It looks like someone made the effort to write 'ST. LOUIS' on it in permanent marker. I wonder if there were some unruly Pirates clubhouse employees that were up to no good with the visiting squad's towels, or if poor Terry easily forgets which team he plays for.

This looks like one of those things you'd find at the mall circa 1994, where some photo studio would put you on a stage, or in front of the Eiffel Tower, or in this case - on your very own baseball card. You know, it was the pre-Photoshop days. I really, really have no idea who this is, although apparently he had a tidy 33.75 ERA with the Cardinals the year I graduated from high school.

Shelby Miller is really, really young. And he looks it, too.

More blue shiny stuff (it's been the month of blue shiny stuff in my mailbox.) With as many Bryan Anderson cards as I've been accumulating, lately, I really hope he gets some playing time this season. Er... just, uh, not too much... only when Yadi needs to rest.

I have no idea where this came from, but it looks amazing. It's some sort of joint venture between Upper Deck and Kodak to commemorate a certain achievement. This took the Sportflics idea to the next level, using something like 20-25 frames to illustrate a Big Mac swing instead of the usual 2 or 3.

And finally, here's a gem of a card of my all-time favorite player. Sure, it's a "manu-patch", but it's a good looking one of The Wizard. Topps, are you taking notes? If you absolutely have to do something like this, think about doing it this way.

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Anonymous said...

Shelby Miller made the MLB's 2011 Top 50 Prospects (#20).