Monday, January 3, 2011

Pick 'Em Contest Update

After tonight's second half pummeling of Virginia Tech at the hands of the Stanford Cardinal in the Orange Bowl, we're down to the final six games in the college bowl season. Six games? Yes, really... six games. Even though there are only a couple of games left on the schedule of any significance before the big finale next Monday, the schedule makers at ESPN have decided to pad that extra time by tossing in a few extras like the Compass Bowl and the Pottery Barn Pottery Bowl.

Until sometime around midnight, the contest standings will not be updated through tonight's contest officially, but right now it's a close battle for first between Stats on the Back and Community Gum (Andy). Cardboard Junkie had a chance to make a bold push for 1st as he had the most possible points heading into tonight's action, but, like Stats on the Back, he lost his mind and took Va. Tech. (Are you guys Mike Vick fans or something? Dayf is probably off drinking the party liquor with Early Cuyler.) As for myself, I'm sitting pretty with one of the worst scores in all of the land, so what do I know? If anyone who didn't get a chance to enter cares to see the final standings, let me know by posting a comment here and I'll throw up the final results next week after the big Ducks victory.

Rhubarb Runner seems to all but have the last place prize locked up (two of our entrants are sadly ineligible for failing to make picks for every game.) I would serious question whether Rhubarb violated the "no tanking it" rule by picking Arizona and Washington but not Stanford except that when I look at my own picks, I'm only marginally doing better and I know I tried. Oops.


Play at the Plate said...

You can say it...I'm one of the geniuses that forgot to start making picks on time.

Anonymous said...

Hey, no piling on, Ace!

So I picked Big Ten teams -- I don't need your pity. :-P

dayf said...



aj said...

dayf: if you lose, can i electrocute you?

madding said...


Community Gum said...

That I am 2 points away from the lead and in good shape to take the lead if a few things bounce my way is a travesty. I am so sorry that my ignorance has cost an actual college football fan their chances.

In other words: BOO-YA!