Sunday, January 30, 2011

Million Card Giveaway Last Ditch Effort

I made a last ditch grab for some 2010 Topps Update packs in an attempt to get some of those pesky codes that expire very, very soon. After the second code I entered turned into a special autographed card of a Hall of Famer, I knew it could only be downhill from there. And it was. I traded my way into a couple of late '60s Cardinals cards that I will probably have shipped, even though it's not really worth it. Other than that, I'm stuck with cards from 1979, 1980 and a 1985 Berra Father-and-Son card. Yikes. Steve Kemp here was my first redemption of the day, with a Thurman Munson code that came from a hobby pack. One of the local shops has hobby packs for $1.75, which seems to be fairly reasonable. I actually pulled a Black parallel from one of the packs today, which I'm going to send on to a Red Sox collector.

My second code of the day resulted in this. Nice. This was an Ichiro code in one of those 7.99 blister packs at Target that includes a bonus code card. Either I was hax0red!$$!!111 as the kids say (do they say that anymore?) or someone figured out how to read the code card through the blister pack. Or... shenanigans.

Code 3, courtesy of Mickey Mantle, came from one of the retail packs in the blister pack itself. I guess I'd be pleased if I was a Tigers fan, but there's no way I'd get these puppies shipped. If anyone out there has any interesting Cardinals cards sitting in their queue that you don't plan on claiming, please let me know.

Also, I do have some ToppsTown codes if anyone is into that. Let me know and I'll scan them for you.


  1. Kerry, when I got a code like that I emailed customer service and they got back to me the same day with another code. They might do that for you tomorrow so you can get it entered before the deadline. They might not, but it's worth a shot.

  2. Don't'll get to start all over again in a few days when 2011 Topps is released. Aren't you excited?


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