Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Behold! The Future of the Cardinals!

Behold! Brian Barber! Rich Batchelor! The Future! Well, maybe not, but things are looking pretty grim in Cardinalsland. You all know about Adam Wainwright by now, and earlier today Chris Carpenter was the latest injury victim. Let's just hope that this hamstring strain falls somewhere between "no big deal" and "insignificant" on the Reasons to Get Worried About 2011 scale.

Tonight's card images come courtesy of Justin's World. This Cubs fan recently posted a handy list of team collecting bloggers which I just may use as a reference guide should I ever manage to finally get rid of my A's and Angels cards. He also sent over this much loved 1973 Topps Al Santorini card. I have no idea who Santorini is, but he seems to be really unhappy to be wearing the Birds on the Bat.

The major impetus of this cardboard exchange came in the form of this Chad Tracy 50th Anniversary rookie cup card. I haven't gotten a lot of trade action from others for this little insert set lately, so I'm hoping this post will drum up a little interest. And yes, this marks the second consecutive day that I've posted an Arizona Diamondbacks card.


Play at the Plate said...

Things ARE bad in Cardinal land when you're posting Diamondback cards.

cubsfan731 said...

I should really pay attention to the stuff I send in trade packages. I had no idea that this was the stuff I sent you until I saw the Tracy card. Thanks for the trade!