Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Heritage Blister Pack Again

As mentioned previously, I picked up two of the 2011 Heritage blister packs over the weekend. I decided to drag things out a bit and only post the first pack on Sunday night. I don't imagine these will last very long on the shelves, unlike blasters (and occasionally loose packs) which seem to continue to get restocked. The things that go on the rack always seem to disappear sooner, unless they're Bowman products.

Pack 1:
123 - Aaron Hill (I'm too terrified by Hill's batting average last season to draft him on one of my fantasy teams this year. There were a few players that really fell off the cliff in offensive categories last season.)
362 - Greg Halman (I don't know who almost any of the rookies are this year, but that's probably true for most years.)
303 - Daric Barton (Now that Barton has really become more defined as a player - not a catcher, but a first baseman who can't really hit for power - I don't feel quite as bad about the Haren for Mulder deal that he was a part of.)
229 - Pedro Ciriaco (Yep, rookie. Don't know him.)

NF-10 - Robinson Enshrined in Cooperstown News Flashbacks

76 - Freddie Freeman (I hear this guy is some sort of hotshot.)
339 - J.J. Hardy
27 - Adam Kennedy
285 - Adam Wainwright (Can't believe that Wainwright doesn't have a Cy Young Award yet. Hopefully he'll have an opportunity to win one some day down the road.)

Pack 2:

63 - Tommy Hanson (I can't get a handle on all of the variations. Rhubarb Runner pointed out that the Bobby Abreu black parallel I posted last time had his position incorrectly listed as 'P'. It seems that all of the black/chrome/refractor type parallels are this way, though. This Tommy Hanson card lists his position as 'PITCHER' instead of just 'P'. After a quick check of eBay listings, it seems like all of the Tommy Hanson base cards are this way, while it is the parallels that are correct... if you can call it that. I give up.)

343 - Bobby Abreu (Speaking of Mr. Abreu...)
24 - Detroit Tigers
246 - Andrew Bailey

NAP-13 - Robinson Cano New Age Performers (I always seem to have a hard time pulling these, but I get Flashbacks all over the place. I haven't seen a Then & Now parallel yet.)
95 - Ryan Zimmerman (Good player.)
8 - John Danks
261 - Reid Brignac
230 - Francisco Liriano (I guess I should stop being afraid to draft Liriano now.)

Pack 3:

36 - Mark Reynolds (Mark Reynolds struck out 6 times during this photo shoot!)

306 - Red Sox Rippers (I only posted this card so I could link to the original... which would be totally fine, except that it's supposed to be REDBIRD RIPPERS! This is now officially my least favorite Topps Heritage card of all-time. Complete outrage over here.)
210 - Evan Meek
139 - Babe Ruth Special - Babe Hits 60
40 - Pablo Sandoval
485 - Matt Garza (Too angry to scan right now, even though Garza's a short print. A Photoshopped Cub short print, that is.)
358 - Andre Ethier
143 - Babe Ruth Special - Greatest Sports Hero
99 - Brandon Snyder

Black Parallel Pack:

C78 - Lucas Duda (Well, it sounds like the Mets may be hitting the reset button. They may as well start with a guy named Duda.)

C18 - Jonathan Sanchez
C84 - Hunter Pence (Aw man, somehow I forgot to scan Hunter Pence.)


night owl said...

Phew, glad you got the Wainwright card. I pulled that, too, and I think it's a great card. I'd hate to give it up.

madding said...

I agree, it's a great card. I'll need a second one for the Heritage set eventually, but I'll be patient. I've been really impressed with the 2 regular Cardinals cards I've actually seen from this set. I'm trying not to spoil it and look at a lot of card images.

cubsfan731 said...

Everytime I hear Duda's name, I want to burst into "Camptown Races"

Colbey said...

Ooh, you got a Freedie Freeman RC. Nice.

AstrosFreakCam said...

Dude, HUNTER PENCE!!! Please email me :)