Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let's Put A Bow On This 1993 Upper Deck Thing

Here is my one final plea to help me finally finish off my first substantial set since I've started this blog. I am down to needing just two cards from the main set along with two "SP" cards, which I honestly know nothing about, from the 1993 Upper Deck set. Here's the want list, officially:

  • 21 Melvin Nieves
  • 66 Tim Wakefield
  • SP5 G.Brett/R.Yount
  • SP6 Nolan Ryan
I know I've had a copy of the Wakefield card before, but it was in rough shape. Considering that, no matter how much I like the design and quality, this is still at its core a junk wax set, I am making sure that each card in the set is in better than acceptable shape. Can anyone help? I will just go ahead and look online for the two SP cards if I can get the Nieves and Wakefield.

I also want to show off these portfolios that Erin found for me and included with my Christmas haul. I had never seen or heard of these before. They instantly reminded me of the 1988 Topps portfolios that were gaining popularity back when I was still in middle school. The design on these particular folders contains representations of actual cards from the set, but as seen on the reverse, they are merely empty place holders for actual cards. The inner flap also gives an interesting guideline to card conditions, or "rating your cards", something you probably don't actually care about if you're about to slip something into these pockets.

Strangely, the back pocket shows off what the cards on the front would look like in reverse as if they were real cards, which they aren't.

A second portfolio that I received has a different color and shows off some of the Triple Crown inserts from this set. I wonder how many different portfolios were made. I finally found an auction that purports the existence of at least 6 different designs and 4 colors.

Any information about this stuff would be greatly appreciated. If I end up finishing up a few more sets, I may go ahead and pursue some or all of the insert sets as well. For now, I need to get the base set knocked out.


  1. Dude, I used to have that black one back in 6th grade. I forgot about those and I just got a crazy flashback.

  2. I too had the black one and I still have it in my desk somewhere. Can you guess why? My sister got mad at me one day and took it out on my folder because she knew I really liked it so much. She slid her hand down in the Ripken pocket, pulled down on it and tore it pretty good. While I popped my sister upside her head, My dad was able to do some surgery and mostly restore it with packing tape. She totally deserved to get hit in the head for those shenanigans.
    BTW, I'll check to see if I have those two regular cards for you and let you know. I know I don't have the SPs though

  3. Hey, I actually have 3 of the Yount/Brett, so I would have no problem trading you one.

    Also, I'm interested in the David Wright Manupatch you posted the other day. I've got some stuff I can send you in addition to the Yount/Brett.

  4. I got the Nieves and I think the Ryan. I'll get them in Saturdays mail.

  5. OK I dont have the Ryan, but the Nieves is in the mail.

  6. I have the Ryan SP card, and the Yount, and I probably have the others. Let me know if you're interested. I still have some sweet Edmonds cards for you, too.

  7. These were 25 cents at Thrift House. Woohoo!


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