Monday, January 2, 2012

Good Luck Ducks: Rose Bowl Edition

Happy 2012, everyone! The Ducks are off to Pasadena to take on Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. The prolonged bowl season makes it really weird to start thinking (and writing) about college football again after a month off. I really wish they would do something about the whole BCS and bowl situation, but it doesn't seem likely that any major changes are going to happen anytime soon, especially with ESPN just getting started with a new BCS TV contract this year.

I was hoping Michigan State would end up winning the Big 10 because Wisconsin's size scares me as a Duck fan. Much has been made of Chip Kelly failing to win big games and games in which the opponent has extra time to prepare. The blame probably doesn't begin and end with Kelly and it's still a pretty small trend, but until the Ducks can win a game like this we will keep hearing about it. That being said, I am usually optimistic about Oregon's chances in games like this because they are so talented and explosive, but I am going to go in a different direction here. I think the Ducks will lose.

How can the Ducks avoid another big game loss? They simply cannot turn the ball over or play conservatively. Mistakes plagued them against LSU and that game still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth even with LSU's so-far undefeated season on the books. I am still convinced the Ducks beat themselves more than LSU beat them. As far as conservative play goes, I think the coaches need to practice what they preach and truly treat this game as if it were any other game. This isn't the Washington State Cougars that they're preparing for, but it may as well be. If Oregon plays the way Oregon can play, they should at least have a shot at reversing their fortunes. I still expect a loss. Prove me wrong, Ducks!

Above footage from Oregon's last meeting with Wisconsin in 2001 at Autzen, where they won 31-28.

Game time is 2:00 PST with national coverage on ESPN. Go Ducks!

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