Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some Inserts

I don't have a lot to say about 2012 Topps, but I know some people like to collect the inserts. Whether you're a team collector, a player collector or a set completist, inserts usually offer something for everyone. Drop me a line if you need any of these.

I'm not wild about these. Why is there a bunch of white stuff at the bottom of the design? Is this symbolic of the "golden moment" memory fading away?

These, on the other hand, look much better to me than some of the duo inserts of past years.

These are great.

Was I smart for drafting Posey on one of my fantasy teams this year, or did I take a huge risk? I feel like I took a number of risks this year, and I even went for some old geezers that I usually stay far away from (Jeter, Ichiro...)

Do you think anyone called Gehrig "King of the Slams" in his day? What an awkward title.

 Roidy, Princey and Crazy Jerky?

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  1. That Brewers card looks just like the SI cover photo from last year's Brewers article.


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