Monday, October 15, 2012

Come for the Group Break Info - Stay for the Trade Post!

Community Gum is hosting a large all Upper Deck group break right now. Considering how much fun the last break I was in from their site, I would have to strongly encourage anyone who hasn't signed up yet to take a look. There's a nice representation of products from through the last 10 years or so that Upper Deck was still relevant, and there's a fair number of hits to be had. I've already claimed the most expensive team, so you might be able to snag a team or two at a decent price.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd show off some really nice Jim Edmonds cards that I snagged from Bo of Baseball Cards Come to Life! He recent acquired a lot of cards, and I was able to acquire some Blazers from the past and some Edmonds cards for my player collection. I still have to send my end of the trade off to Bo, but if you guys are super cool about it and don't tell him, I'm sure my secret will be safe.

It's funny when I come across cards made from other materials besides strictly paper products and some gloss. This one is also very glittery. Glittery is back in nowadays, at least according to Topps.

Here's Edmonds and his signature uppercut home run swing... or he could be popping out to shortstop. It's hard to tell.

A number of the Blazers cards were vaguely retro-ish. Derek Anderson arrived in Portland just a shell of his former self after a brutal injury with the Spurs seemed to cost him his explosiveness. I remember him mostly creeping around the perimeter, hoisting up the occasional '3' and hoping not to get noticed. Sad.

Every once in awhile I will see someone rocking a Pippen Blazers jersey around town. That's fun.

Sabas is my favorite post-Drexler Blazer. He was fun to watch.

Another favorite of mine, Rasheed Wallace, is back in the league after sitting out the last two seasons. He's only the third oldest player on his own team, thanks to recent ex-Blazers Marcus Camby and Kurt Thomas.

I read an article recently that Damon Stoudamire had established himself as some sort of recruiting wizard with the Memphis college program somehow. It's really hard to envision this, considering that he always struck me as being as articulate as a sack of gravel. By the way, if he came out of retirement and joined the Knicks, he'd only be the second oldest player on the team.

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  1. Glad you enjoy them! I don't follow basketball at all so didn't realize Pippen was ever a Blazer.


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