Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Before I get into my own thing here, I just wanted to congratulate Miguel Cabrera on pulling off one of the rarest of feats in today's game. There hasn't been a Triple Crown winner in my lifetime and I think it's cool that someone pulled it off. I'm no particular fan of Miggy's, but better him than... I don't know... A-Rod or something.

Anyway, this post is about a few things I've won for free from Listia recently. I try not to post everything that I get from this website or get too crazy about it, but I figure that it doesn't hurt to occasionally pop in with a few images when I'm short on time. I'm already used to receiving multiple little plain white envelopes every day at this point, and I bet my mail carrier thinks I'm engaged in some sort of old school chain letter scheme right now or something. The first image is a Stan Musial card from the 60 Years of Topps Lost Cards insert thingo. I now have all of the Lost Cards, but none of the "original back" versions which I think would be fun to look at since the cards did not really exist.

I also won a few Jiffy Pop cards (discs?) from the '80s, of which I previously had none. I have a second, slightly worn Vince Coleman and a Buddy Bell (Reds) from this set that are up for grabs.

Finally, this might be the best card I've pulled off of the site. Tyler Johnson was a key member of the bullpen on the championship 2006 Cardinals club, even though he's shown wielding a bat here. He disappeared almost as quickly as he arrived in a heap of arm problems, but I'll always remember his lefty sidearm slider fondly. This is from the 2003 Finest set. I've also won a few Heritage SPs and that Glaus jersey card that I posted awhile back, and will continue to occasionally chase the under-the-radar hits when I can.

Wild Card game is up next on Friday... at 2:00pm my time... while I'm at work. Shh, no one ruin it for me. I'm going to have to DVR it.

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  1. The Cardinals won! Yadi was robbed! Infield fly rule, what?



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