Tuesday, October 16, 2012

People Still Buy Heritage

After swearing off anything but hobby boxes this year for Heritage because they got to be so cheap, I caved in and bought a few packs this summer. I don't have much to speak of, certainly nothing to fill a want list, but the list is out there. Over the weekend, I ran across a blaster for $15 and ended up grabbing it as well. I still haven't talked myself into spending the $50 or so it would take to get a real box. Considering the receiption this year's set received, I don't see those prices going up anytime soon.

Rather than do the regular box break format, I decided to just scan all of the Cardinals cards and things I'd consider "hits". I have a strange definition of hit, though. What's even more strange is that Topps decided to put Adron Chambers on roughly half of the cards in this set. Where will his floating head pop up next? Who knows?!

Yes, a checklist is a hit when I only get one in the entire box. I think they short print the hell out of checklists from sets that I actually care about. I have roughly 934 2007 Topps checklists from various series, but I can barely scrape together 2 Heritage checklists. At least these aren't considered part of the actual set.

Last year's run was so amazing that it really won't bother me if the Cardinals can't make it out of the NLCS. Of course, as soon as the series resumes tomorrow I will be back to my usual position of shouting at people who can't hear me and cursing wildly in the general direction of the TV.

It's... it's a short print! I received three in the blaster, slightly better than average odds. Of course, this means someone out there will only get two and will have much worse than average odds.

There's that crazy floating head again!

Jaime is... broken. I wish that this could have been discovered a long time ago. It seemed like something was off with him all year and he's only now going to finally get it taken care of, which will eat its way into the 2013 season.

Joe Buck called Jon Jay one of the best center fielders in the game last night, which stuck out to me a little bit. Cardinals fans kind of take him for granted a little bit, but when I think about it there aren't exactly a ton of players who are clearly better, even if Buck was probably speaking of his defense more than anything.

In an effort to lend an air of authenticity towards the Heritage product, Topps ends up putting out an awful lot of cards that look like this. I guess you take the good with the bad with a tribute set.

Motte seems like someone that no fan of an opposing team would enjoy.

Other than hearing it referenced by the occasional crusty old man in a Law & Order episode, I don't really know the cultural significance of this incarnation of Penn Station.

There are a lot of Cardinals cards in this set, which is good. It's rare that you see cards for relievers that aren't the team's primary closer anymore.

Here's one of the Stick-Ons. These should be one per pack and have a lot more players, in my opinion.

This is one of the insert sets that finds its way into every Heritage release. They look nice this year.

Here's another SP. Why are so many star players getting the short print treatment?

Same thing with Zimmerman. I don't really get it.

I will be updating the want list soon.


  1. The destruction of the beautiful old Penn Station for the ugly modern one spurred a movement to landmark and save older, beautiful buildings that would be destroyed in the name of "development".

  2. Heritage High Numbers is on its way this year. Possibly as a ShopTopps.com exclusive.


  3. Any interest in striking up a 2011-2012 Heritage trade? You have some 2011's I need and I have 2012's for you. Shoot me an email if you're interested!

  4. Mark, I'm definitely interested. I can't find your email, however, as it's not linked to your profile.


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