Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Chipp 'n Dale Sends Matt 'n Tim 'n Tulo

Some cards are die cut. Some cards are not. All cards are roughly rectangular in shape.

It was a rough night for the Braves tonight, who saw the dean of their pitching staff go down to what I've heard was a rather ugly ankle fracture. Let's just say that I haven't worked up the nerve to read cardjunk's Twitter feed yet. Another Atlanta fan, Chunter, recently sent me cards which I have prepared a few notes about this evening.

In addition to a handful of a Cardinals, included a much needed gold parallel of the lumbering Matt Holliday, Chunter sent some nifty inserts and parallels for some of Erin's player collections. This is yet one more reminder that I need to get my own PCs in order and online very soon.

Remember these? Check the logo, folks, that's a real gen-u-ine Target Throwback parallel right there. These are so much nicer than the red parallels they switched to in time for the 2011 Update set. I imagine that these were vastly more expensive to produce and never got a ton of notoriety, so that's probably why they went away quietly.

I almost cut myself on this card. It's sharp! It could probably open a beer bottle. Well, almost anything will do that these days.

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Play at the Plate said...

That looks like a Rockies Ninja throwing card.