Sunday, July 21, 2013

Up For Grabs Cardinalpalooza: Lance Berkman

Lance Berkman only really spent a full season with the Cardinals, while barely able to find his way on to the field in the second year of his two year contract. History will probably remember his Cardinals tenure as much more lengthy than it was, and Berkman was a fan favorite as he has been wherever his career has taken him, outside of New York I suppose. The list of his available cards follows at the end of the post.

I wish these cards didn't appear to be fading away at the bottom.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Berkman's run with St. Louis, aside from his being a key contributor to a championship winning team, is the fact that very late in his career he was sent to patrol the outfield regularly after having primarily been a first baseman for years. Nutty.

The list:

2011 Bowman #45 [3 available]
2011 Bowman Gold #45
2011 Topps Update (All-Star) #US52 [4 available]
2011 Topps Lineage #47 [5 available]
2011 Topps Opening Day #69 [3 available]
2012 Bowman #36
2012 Bowman Platinum #15
2012 Topps #466 [2 available]
2012 Topps Golden Moments #GM-27
2012 Topps Gypsy Queen #185
2012 Topps Opening Day #128 [3 available]

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