Tuesday, November 5, 2013

From the Archives Again

Starting my day off right with a pack break.

I am backlogged with months of trade posts left to write about, and have other various piles of cards on my desk that I need to clear. For some reason, a pack break sounded easier right now. Here's another of the 2001 Topps Archives Series 2 packs that I picked up recently.

382 - Johnny Bench (1983) - This is from the end of Bench's career. He was already on his way to becoming a TV star at this point.

429 - Earl Weaver (1971) - This just gives you an indication as to how long Weaver was in the game. He was coming off of his first season as an MLB manager in 1971.

381 - Willie Stargell (1982) - Another end of career card.

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- Willie Mays "1" Baseball Bucks - This expired a long time ago. Apparently these were inserted at a 1:80 rate, so it may still have some value to someone.

319 - Roberto Clemente (1955) - Another rookie card reprint. I'm starting to figure out that this set is mostly rookie cards and final cards.

254 - Larry Bowa (1970) - Here's one of those hacked up rookie cards, where you only see the player that Topps wanted to focus on. No love for Dennis Doyle here.

268 - Tommy John (1964) - I've pulled this one before.

287 - George Foster (1971) - Not pictured: Mike Davison.

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