Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mishmash Group Break

Some Cardinals cards from a Group Break spanning multiple decades.

Last month I bought in on a group break that didn't seem to have a central theme. Nachos Grande purchased some boxes with combined fun and value factors, including some products I haven't seen much of.

I don't have the largest Eric Davis Cardinals collection, so it's always fun to pull one of his cards. Of course, in this case it wasn't me that did the pulling, but it's mine now and that's what counts.

I almost always enjoy Fleer Tradition. It's a step up from basic Fleer (which all but disappeared) but is usually still very affordable. Dan Haren was recently signed by the Dodgers on a very low risk contract. Gall had a cup of coffee but didn't make it, and I've never heard of the other guy.

The 2005 Origins set is a total mystery to me. It was produced by Upper Deck but doesn't look or feel like anything they usually do. This must have been one of the smaller boxes, because Larry Walker's card was one of only two cards that were pulled for me here.

Unfortunately, one of the boxes was 1993 Upper Deck. It's one of my favorite sets, but I actually collected and completed the whole thing. I gave some thoughts to collecting the inserts, too (they're fantastic) but decided instead to focus on other things. This Hometown Heroes insert will fit nicely in Erin's collection, though. The Expos were my randomly assigned team, which means I also ended up with a few Vladimir Guerrero cards if you're into that sort of thing.

Here is one of the nicer inserts that were pulled, from the extra shiny 2000 Topps Gold Label.

This apparently isn't an insert, but it looks like one. I wonder if there are Fleer Maximum Impact memorabilia cards.

Finally, it's classic Pujols in a vintage style.

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Nachos Grande said...

The Impact cards are psuedo-inserts (one per pack) but they are numbered (if I recall correctly) as part of the base set. The late 90s/early 00s were a confusing time for baseball cards!