Monday, November 25, 2013

Last Pack of '01 Archives

They don't make this stuff like they used to.

I was just trying to clear some space off my desk when I discovered that I still had one last pack of 2001 Topps Archives (Series 2) to post here. So here it goes.

397 - Cecil Cooper (1988)

433 - Norm Cash / Elston Howard / Al Kaline / Jim Piersall AL Batting Leaders (1962) - Lots of floating heads here, but only one flat top floating head. The best kind!

437 - Johnny Bench / Dick Allen RBI Leaders (1973) - Allen's sideburns are coming dangerously close to touching his mustache. You can't come back from that.

435 - Nolan Ryan / Tom Seaver Strikeout Leaders (1977) - I could probably get behind the concept of a whole set of reprinted League Leaders cards. Who says I'm not easy to please?

287 - George Foster - So pissed.

257 - Dave Parker (1974) - This is one of the later designs that you'll find in this set.

276 - Jim Palmer (1966) - In the history of Topps cards, I wonder how many players have made this pose.

261 - Jim Bouton (1962) - The Ball Four guy!

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  1. The past 6 months or so, I've been slowly building a League Leaders PC. It's a great way to add some HOFers to my collection without breaking the bank.


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