Monday, April 7, 2014

A Contest Winner and a Consolation Prize

No one picked the correct winner!

I'll have a more formal announcement later this week regarding prizes and such, but let's all give a mighty golf clap to Cards from the Quarry who walks away with this year's March Radness prize. If you finished in the top 6 or finish last (hi tribecards!) you should contact me soon so I can get your current mailing address. I'll be sending out an email/twitter plea/blog post soon with this information as well. Only two people scored any points in the Final Four round and no one had the correct winner (UConn... zzzzz.) I have to admit to not really watching the game.

The consolation prize is, you guessed it, this quick little trade post. Hooray! Longtime reader Tim sent me some Cards 'n Blazers back in February, which are always appreciated in this household. Remember Collect-A-Books? I'm not sure it would be feasible to bring them back, but I'm gonna say I wouldn't hate the idea. (I really do want Sportflics/flix to make a comeback, but that's another story.)

For now, Carlos Martinez is settling in to a relief role in a suddenly beleaguered bullpen. Really? With all that so-called young talent that people have been raving about? Yes, the Cardinals sorta forgot to fill out the middle of the bullpen with that major league ready supertalent, taking on Pat Neshek (hi) who won a spot on a minor league deal and turning over a second spot to the winner of a rock-paper-scissors contest (Keith Butler). Neshek has as least pitched well in the past and could find the consistency he needs to stick, but I'm a little worried about Butler and getting to guys like Martinez and Trevor Rosenthal. No matter, it's not my place to worry because I'm just the guy that collects pictures of these guys.

Here's a guy who could really lock it down, both on the mound and on the facial hair front. He was a few decades ahead of his time as I see guys that look like him all the time in Portland these days.


  1. Yeah kind of an anticlimactic win, but I'll take it. My address is the same as always. For my prize, if you don't mind waiting I would prefer a Series 2 blaster. I already have my Heritage team set and I have no interest whatsoever in Gypsy Queen. Thanx for a great contest.

  2. Sounds good. I'll put you down for Series 2. Let me know if something else happens to come out in the meantime that you'd like instead. Congrats!

  3. I should get brownie points for being the only one to put UConn in the Final Four and Championship Game.


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