Thursday, April 3, 2014

More Football Cards From The Diamond King

If you send me nothing but football cards, you have to suffer the wrath of the (occasional) football card post.

It's a long, long ways off before I'll care about the NFL again, but I am still adding a few cards here and there to my dusty Eagles collection. The Diamond King sent over a half a dozen interesting cards including the serial numbered (081/250) Westbrook card above. I should have scanned the back, because this card is actually mocking the Eagles and Westbrook by mentioning that Philly lost all 3 of their MNF games during the previous season. Westbrook wasn't quite the focal point of their offense, either, which means I don't really understand this card at all.

ESPN's Cris Carter was recently critical of the his former team's handling of its former star receiver, DeSean Jackson, drawing comparisons to his own (drug-related) departure from the team. I think the jury is still out on the DeSean Jackson thing. I don't buy Chip Kelly giving up on a talent that great unless he was truly a bad guy (for the team). That is, unless Kelly is just a stooge like most coaches in that league.

This is a great card of my favorite football player! It's numbered 49 out of 50! Exclamation points!

Here is ESPN's Herm Edwards not shouting.

Here is ESPN's Ron Jaworski not acting like he knows everything about playing quarterback and just playing quarterback.

Here is Kevin Kolb not getting ready to succeed as an Eagle.

Thanks again to The Diamond King. Check out his new Latin Players project if you have a chance.

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