Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Radness Update and Some Housekeeping

It must be time for some cards from white envelopes.

First up, nine of you still have your champions alive in the March Radness contest, which is pretty impressive considering the way things have played out. Even more impressive is that everyone didn't pick the same team for once. The reign of P00PSH00TER 2 is finally over after the Spartans elimination. Tecmo Super Bowl legend Jeff Feagles is the current leader, but good fortunes will come to Cards From the Quarry if Kentucky wins. A couple others (Off Hiatus and kc kings) stand to gain big with a Badgers title. The semis are on Saturday and the final is Monday!

Next up on the docket are some plain white envelopes I've receved in recent days. Duane of Democratic Roadkill sent over a bunch of recent Ginter needs, including some elusive Yadi cards and... some culinary unpleasantness. I pull these cards about as often as I eat what's on them (okay, maybe a little more often than never) so it was nice to punch a few more disgusting holes through my wantlist.

Crackin' Wax continues their wonderful Take My Cards promotion. I snagged a couple of cards from a set I wouldn't otherwise throw a dime at and took two more numbers off of my 2013 Allen & Ginter wantlist.

Four seasons ago really seems like a long ways away when you look at this card now. Pujols is still trying to regain some of the form that he lost at the tail end of his Cardinals career, while Braun is... I don't know... not doing drugs? Maybe? Thanks to Stealing Home at ATBATT for this one. I don't think I had this card even though it's probably never been on my wantlist, due to a clerical error or something.

Speaking of things that have never appeared on my wantlist, I have very few cards from the very weird 2013 Triple Play set.

Jeff from One Man's Junk (Wax) was cool enough to send the Freese card above along with some old school Oregon Ducks alumns. My memory is pretty sketchy on the Oregon program prior to the '90s outside of a few notables like Norm Van Brocklin and Dan Fouts, so it was nice to see some '80s cards that are ready for the binders. In addition to his punting duties, Blanchard was a QB for the Ducks in the late '60s/early '70s before turning to kicking full time in a successful NFL career.

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