Monday, June 30, 2014

Trading with Waiting 'til Next Year

Cards were exchanged. Good times were had by all.

I'm "celebrating" the first night where it's officially too warm to cool down my dwelling properly, and I thought I'd pull out some more cards to scan and file away. P-Town Tom sent over another batch of 2012 Triple Play cards for Erin's set and tossed in some Cardinals as well, because that's a thing that I do. By the way, make sure you check out the group break at Waiting 'til Next Year if there's still time (is there?). It'll cost you less than a large sandwich at a mediocre fast food chain.

Erin was too eager to put her Triple Play cards in their proper place (binder), so I'm left with just some Cardinals to show off. At this point, there are literally thousands of miniature Cardinals cards out there that I don't own, but that doesn't mean I don't want them all. I do! All of them!

Oh Jhonny Pheralta. Yhou hhave shuch phower, yhet yhou shwing at ehvery dhamn phitch! Yheesh.

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