Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mailbox Action

Get ready for some trade posts to cozy up those chilly autumn evenings.

The mailbox at Cards on Cards Central has been rather full again, and not just with political campaign ads. I've started throwing cards around the country again and others have thrown things back at me. One such package was a surprise package from defgav of Baseball Card Breakdown, who sent me a reminder notice in the form of baseball cards for something I managed to not follow through with. (I prefer these sorts of reminder notices to the ones I usually get from people I owe.)

This Braden Looper from 2006 Fleer was a card I forgot about and had to add to my want list (and 10 Most Wanted) long after I thought I had completed this team set. The cards with mismatched logos and uniforms sometimes throw me.

Seeing cards that look like 1986 Topps weirds me out more than anything else. The 1986 set was the first I ever ripped packs of, so the design is imprinted on my brain somewhere.

I also casually needed a card from 1988. I have the whole 1988 Topps Traded set, but I didn't have one of these for my Cardinals binders for some strange reason. This is another one I cross off the Top 10 list.

Congrats to Yadi for his 7th consecutive Gold Glove Award. I wasn't sure if he'd get it this year since he missed so much time due to injury, but defensively it was one of his finest seasons based on the few tangible metrics. He threw out nearly half of would-be base stealers and had a near-perfect fielding percentage. I like that.

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