Monday, November 10, 2014

One "Weird" Trick to Get Baseball Cards in the Mail

Did you know that you can trade cards with people through the magic of the Internet?

It's crazy, but true! If you just spend a few minutes a day, you can communicate with people all across the world who might be interested in your unwanted baseball cards. And do you know what? (No, you don't know what.) Many of them will send you their unwanted baseball cards in return!

One such person is Night Owl Cards, who I've sent stuff to so many times (and vice versa) that I could practically put my kids through college with all of the money I spent on postage. (I don't have kids!) I don't really understand how anyone could have an unwanted 2014 Topps Heritage Then & Now insert of the then great Bob Gibson and the now great Adam Wainwright, but there you have it.

Night Owl sent me a ton of minis and inserts (and insert minis) from the 2013 Allen & Ginter set, which is great because I didn't them. It's not like I needed them, but I needed them, you know? NEEDED them. I can quit anytime.

Here's something I didn't know that I needed, and yet, I definitely needed it. It has a special foil stamp and everything. This is a factory set exclusive card and if I were Scrooge McDuck and swimming in piles of gold dubloons and encased graded vintage Mickey Mantle cards, I might take pleasure in breaking open factory sets (and pulling out the exclusives and setting the rest on fire.)

This is from some such boring faux-retro unlicensed Panini set, but it also happens to be unique Adam Wainwright card #171 in my collection. Good news, me!

And here's a treat for Erin, because it's hard to get Yadier Molina cards in the door without Erin catching sight of them and letting them be absorbed into her collection. I guess I can always go look for more online, right?

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  1. I have no idea how I still have cards for you. It's magic!


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