Monday, March 23, 2015

March Radness Update and Factory Set Exclusives

It only took a few hours for all the brackets to bust.

Here's a quick contest update. After a very destructive first day and a few other surprises, only a few of you actually lost your champion after the first week of games. I suppose that's not bad. The one and only P00PSH00TER is currently in first place in what has so far been a very close contest, with Off Hiatus bringing up the rear. However, when you factor in PPR (Possible Points Remaining or something to that effect), brianp1913 appears to have the best shot at winning this thing while ROBERT DURSTED may as well hole up with the actual Robert Durst before his bookie gets to him.

You're seeing baseball cards here, however, so let's get back on track. I'm showing off a few additions to the collection courtesy of the Cardboard Collections blog.

I always love the throwback jersey look.

I picked up a nice chunk of the special Diamond Anniversary Factory Set Cardinals team set. Yeah, I know, I'm getting excited about an otherwise identical to its base counterpart card just because it has some extra foil on it. This is just the way these things work.

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