Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Cleaning is Coming

I need to get rid of cards. Plus, a trade post. Why not?

I'm a team collector who has made the unfortunate dabble into collecting sets on occasion. Because of this, I have a lot of doubles and triples that I have absolutely no use for. While my want lists are pretty easy to find, even longtime followers of the blog might not know that I also list my unwanted cards below each want list. My plan is to flush all of these extras completely out of my possession, and I'm going to do it "group break" style.

Before I start burning things down, anyone who tries to collect these types of sets much like I do should go to the lists and check the things out. Since my sidebar links don't seem to be available in the mobile phone view of this blog, I'm going to put some links here:

The links within the links correspond to a particular year where you can view what cards I need from a particular set and, more relevant to this particular blog post, what cards I absolutely do not need. If you find something you'd like, let me know and we'll work something out. By about next week at this time I'm going to start removing those lists of extras and sorting them by team to mail around the country.

But what would be a desperate midweek blog post without showing off a few cards from a trade. Phillies Phan Dawgbones sent me this really nice on-card auto/"event worn" jersey swatch of Allen "King" Crabbe from his rookie year. Crabbe has been a spot starter this season praised primarily for his defensive chops, though the former Pac-12 Player of the Year is a legitimate scorer when given the opportunity.

Dawgbones also sent over a few Topps Opening Day Stars inserts (so fun!) including Big Prince and the dastardly Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod is back, baby! Can't you just wait for spring to end? Uh... can you?

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  1. That Crabbe is cool. I'm not sure if it's just a mesh jersey thing, but I feel like plain hoops swatches are a lot more interesting than plain baseball swatches.


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