Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Everything is Awesome

Not really.

For the second time in less than two months, one of my favorite pro athletes suffered a devastating Achilles tendon tear that threatens to derail a once promising season. Adam Wainwright was virtually paralyzed after trying to leave the batter's box on a harmless pop-up, and now the staff ace can only think about next year. Last month, it was the heart and soul of the Trail Blazers, Wesley Matthews, who felt the strange and painful snap. While the Cardinals have a long track record of playoff experience to fall back on, not to mention that we're just a few weeks into the MLB season, the Blazers may be out of time as they try to stave off playoff elimination once more tomorrow night.

Reader Henry signed up for the free basketball card club thing recently (plenty of teams available, etc.) and was kind enough to send me a bunch of stuff that I like to collect. Along with rediscovering SI For Kids cards (honestly didn't know they were still a thing), I snagged some other cool stuff for my Cardinals, Blazers and Ducks binders.

This was one of my 10 Most Wanted. I'm finally starting to show some progress in that department, as I've now received 17 of those highly desired pieces of cardboard. I know, I know, 17 > 10.

John Mabry, future hitting coach.

If I want to get even more sports depressed, I only have to tune in to the Blazers all-time rebounding leader. Tomorrow night could be LaMarcus Aldridge's last game in a Blazers uniform. While the only pro team he's known can offer him more money and than any other team out there, it's tough to say at this point if he's going to come back. (Please come back.) Also, the Blazers could storm back against the Memphis Grizzlies and force more games. Let's hope both of these things happen.

Here's my 146th unique Clyde Drexler card, an insert from the 1993-94 Fleer set. Nice!

And speaking of '90s Blazers, here's the legendary Arvydas Sabonis... and Dan Patrick's headshot for some reason.

Henry sent me some Ducks football cards, but I'm holding those back for some Saturdays in the fall. Instead, here's a card of Ernie Kent-era hoopster Bryce Taylor. Taylor had some big moments in the NCAA Tournament with the Ducks, and some interneting has led me to discover that he plays for FC Bayern Munich now, which is confusing because FC stands for Football Club.

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