Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Spring Cleaning Sort Has Begun

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

I've been off touring the various airports of America, but now I'm back and ready to talk (and sort) cards. If you missed out on my exhaustively promoted and endlessly discussed Spring Cleaning trade-a-thon, please don't fret - there are a whole bunch of teams left. Check it out. All you really need to do is send me like one card.

Continuing on with Jaybarkerfan's Junk's huge bag o' stuff for me, I bring you some Blazers cards that were sent my way. The Blazers are back in the playoffs but face a Memphis team they haven't beaten all year. Things got rather ugly in Game 1 on Sunday and Game 2 will likely be grimy as well. Hopefully Portland can put together a better effort and even things up despite their injury and continuity woes.

I don't get around to hobby shops very often and the ones that are in the Portland metro area are fairly subdued anyway. It should be no surprise then that pretty much no hobby store promotions land in my hands, which is why it was nice to get this Panini Father's Day special Damian Lillard card. I don't know the story behind it. It looks like a somewhat simplified version of any old set that Panini might put out. I don't have a ton of Lillard cards (he's some kind of star or something?), so this was a nice get.

C.J. McCollum is in his second year and made some significant strides in at least his offensive game towards the latter part of the season as the Blazers bench turned to anyone who had a jersey and a name on the back to look for help. He was a non-factor on Sunday, and hopefully he will make more of an impact later in the series.

Finally, here's a Sabas card... just because. Jega!

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