Monday, May 11, 2015

Trading with Remember The Astrodome


The Houston Astros are off to a stellar start this season, their third in the AL West. I still think it's incredibly stupid that they were moved when the Brewers could have been sent back to where they belong, but the move combined with a full scale rebuild has allowed the franchise to forge a new identity. Astros fan Bru from Remember The Astrodome certainly must be pleased with his team's play so far this year, which reminds me that he sent me some cards recently.

Allen Craig is on fire here, which is clearly the opposite of how he is doing in real life. He was recently sent to AAA, and even though he now plays for a franchise I loathe, I really hope he pulls out of this 2 year funk that he's been going through. He was fun to watch in St. Louis and was undeniably a key cog in the 2011 World Series winning squad.

We saw Mr. Gomber's autographed (college) card last week, and this week we see him Photoshopped into an actual factual big league uniform. Way to go!

My scanner decided that this was exactly how much of John Denny's 1979 Hostess card that it was going to allow you to see. I have very few oddballs from the '60s and '70s, so this was a very exciting trade package for me.

Well, it's time to admit something in a little moment of shame. I've said many hateful things over the years about Tim McCarver and what he does with his voice. Hearing him on some of the local Cardinals telecasts recently has changed my tune a bit, because he's shown that he's leaps ahead of Al Hrabosky and Ricky Horton. It shouldn't be a surprise that broadcasters have a different approach to local/regional broadcasts than they have on the big national stage, but I was still skeptical that I'd ever look forward to his insight about anything. I guess I was wrong. Now, if we could just get Joe Buck back on FSN Midwest... seriously, he was hilarious and entertaining in the few local games I watched him do.

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