Tuesday, September 22, 2015

More Big Guns

The hits, they keep on comin'.

Much like last night's trade post, here we have another ridiculously great batch of cards, this time from longtime friend o' the blog Play at the Plate. While he shares a first name with the sender of yesterday's loot, his interests lean more in the Rangers direction rather than to Twinsdom. PatP has been sending me stuff for years, and I always make sure I kick down my Rangers stuff to him. Rest assured I will be on the lookout for something cool at the next card show.

Tim Cooney got a turn in the rotation this year with Wainwright out and Jaime Garcia dealing with his own annual DL trip. He did fairly well in his six starts, but like most young pitchers he didn't go very deep into games.

Here's another one of those heavy duty Medallion cards from 2015 Topps blasters! I just need Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina and I will have them all. Well, shoot, those guys are pretty popular. And they'll probably throw even more at us in Topps Update.

It's a bright and shiny Stan The Man, which means you've either been staring at your screen too long and your eyes are dying... or it's one of those shiny refractor dealies. I guess your eye doctor won't kill me if I tell you it's the latter.

I just wish we had gotten more amazing on field moments out of Oscar while he was around besides that crazy first home run in the rain, because you just had the feeling that he was going to be full of them.

Fernando Tatis had a habit of dropping in and out of baseball fans' collective consciousness, and he often did it dramatically - like when he hit two grand slams in one inning for the Cardinals in 1999.

These new fangled Diamond Kings are kind of goofy, but this is more inspired than the base designs Panini has been throwing at us at least.

Finally, here's a photo variation of Yadi celebrating the Divisional Series win over the Dodgers. This one is going to Erin. I'd ask my readers out there for another one, but some of you are Dodgers fans and have probably already burned anything that looks like this.

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