Monday, September 21, 2015

The Big Guns

Nothing but top shelf here.

Helping to clean up some of the mess, Brian of Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary agreed to swap 2015 Topps First Home Run Medallion cards pulled from blasters this year with the caveat that someone was going home with a bunch of unwanted Twins cards. I was just thrilled to get rid of some stuff, as usual, as well as add a so-called hit to my Matt Carpenter collection.

Brian also included a bunch of brand new Cardinals cards in the deal, including my first (maybe) look at Mark Reynolds in a (maybe) real St. Louis uniform. I'm suspicious, though, because that is my nature.

While Trevor Rosenthal may be getting all of the glory as he has just tied the franchise single season record for saves, Adam Wainwright is making headlines of his own as he's threatening to actually pitch again this season. He's been cleared for "baseball activities" and apparently is aiming to contribute out of the bullpen, defying all logic and medical science.

Here is a great little insert card from the 2015 Topps Archives set of the Cardinals injured catcher. This is right up Erin's alley in terms of her narrow collecting interests, so it would seem I'm going to have to find another one of these for myself.

Here's the shiny, heavy Matt Carpenter Medallion card. I had pulled a similar card of Big Papi from back when he was just the guy who played for the Twins who used to go by David Arias. And yet, this wasn't even the best card of the lot...

Holy buckets, people! It's Clyde the Glide on some sort of patch card. This is by far the best Drexler card in my collection, that is until... until... [TO BE CONTINUED].

Seriously, there are some great trade posts coming up!

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  1. The Mark Reynolds looks legit which reminds me how much I love yalls spring hats


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