Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sign This Guy

Fingers crossed.

What you see above is my latest Listia acquisition. Although Jason Heyward arrived in St. Louis as far from the perfect ballplayer, he's very young and was a very good fit with the team. He might be the best defensive outfielder in the National League, and after a slow start at the plate he started hitting the ball well. He's going to command a massive paycheck, but it's not my money!

Sign him.

And, seriously, this is one of the nicest looking autographed cards I've ever owned. My time and effort put into lugging letters with cards in them around the city feels much rewarded after getting my hands on this.


  1. It will be fascinating to see how much money he gets. Such a unique player. He might push 200 million because he is so young!

    1. I think he signs something like 10/200. Dude is a special player and I think he still gets better.

      What set is this from?

  2. It's from something called 2015 Topps Supreme.


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