Monday, October 5, 2015

The Season is Over

And soon there will nothing but hopeless bleak despair. Until then, it's playoff time!

On Saturday afternoon, I snagged a $9.99 rack box of the new 2015 Topps Heritage High Series. Almost every card save for the inserts was a duplicate of something I got in the one and only blaster that I've purchased so far, but I did pull the Chrome Refractor insert card of a certain pitcher as shown above. Just a couple of hours later, the helpful little app on my phone was informing me that Max Scherzer had tossed one of the best games in baseball history... for the second time this season. It's a pretty incredible and strange ending to an extremely disappointing season for the Nationals. This card is up for grabs, but I'm not sure that I have any Nats traders that follow the blog anymore.

It was fairly predictable that Cardinals fans would fall in love with Jason Heyward by season's end. We can only hope that Heyward will go the way of some big name past acquisitions that were nearing the end of their contracts by re-upping with St. Louis. (Matt Holliday comes to mind.) It will take an absurd amount of money as these things often do. Hey, it's not my money! This card and the others that follow came to me by way of Sportscards From the Dollar Store, but they are hardly Dollar Tree quality!

Buckstorecards also sent some shiny Eagles carts, including this Prizm rookie example of their young TE. It's been an absolute chore (and a bore) to watch this team this season, but it's early yet and the division is so terrible that at 1-3 they're only a game out of first.

Shady McCoy was one of the players run out of town by Chip Kelly, but he was already well past his expiration date when the Eagles swapped him for oft-injured former Duck Kiko Alonso. Both guys are injured currently. Football is wonderful!

I'm actually typing this while sort-of-watching a Blazers preseason game that I DVR'd. I'm not ready for basketball yet. I'm not even really ready for some football. I do like this card of the erstwhile Uncle Cliffy, however. I complain a bit about Panini's lack of imagination with their exclusive NBA license, but I do really like some of their choices for past players to feature. Robinson was a really good player but not thought of as one of "The Greats", so he could have easily got lost in the shuffle. Good on Panini.

Playoff(ish) baseball tomorrow. Enjoy.

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