Monday, October 12, 2015

Sports Wishing

The Cardinals could use a little Freese Magic (circa 2011) right now.

A few weeks back we looked at some cards from Jeff of Wish They Still Came With Bubblegum. Lo and behold, tonight we have some more to show you from an envelope that arrived last month. After that post, the Cardinals went on to win 6 of 8 and solidify their spot in the postseason. With St. Louis down 2-1 and facing elimination tomorrow at the hands of the dreaded Cubs, let's hope this post helps to set things right.

Here's the guy the Cards gave up on to get a season of Jason Heyward. J-Hey played well enough to keep fans drooling about the prospects of an extension, while Shelby was very good for the Braves as long as you don't think pitching wins is a meaningful stat (it's not.)

Wong has continued to look brilliant at times and boneheaded at other times. I hope he figures it out soon. I really hope he has the chance to redeem himself in a World Series soon.

This is a cool one. Donruss was chosen to put miniature versions of their cards inside little boxes of Cracker Jack after Topps did it the year before. I haven't seen nearly as many of these as their Topps counterparts. This image is blown up to regular size, more or less, like he's a big boy baseball card. Snacking on Cracker Jack from a Mylar bag these days just isn't the same as eating it out of a little cardboard box, is it?


  1. Oh great now I'll be listed in the annals with the billy goat and Bartman if you guys come back to win. Glad you liked the cards


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