Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Edmonds to The Hall!

Okay, maybe I'm getting a little bit carried away.

Baseball Hall of Fame nominations were announced today, and the Jim Edmonds for the Hall Twitter account has been tweeting out fun facts all day. With apologies to a certain blogger whose fave is a first ballot shoo-in, I'm a little more than interested in the plight of Mr. Edmonds, even though it seems like it will be a tough sell.

The Lost Collector was kind enough to send over a few jersey cards of some of my favorites in his most recent mailing to me (including Edmonds card #498.) I suspect Matt Holliday will have a strong case for the Hall by the time things are all said and done, with 3 World Series appearances (1 ring) and a batting title among his accomplishments so far.

Finally, while we know Rick Ankiel won't be in the Hall, I always appreciate his cards just the same. I especially like the ones from his pitching days, because it reminds me of what a true talent he was even though he couldn't keep it together on the mound.


  1. I've always thought Edmonds was a Hall guy. Hopefully he makes it in eventually.

  2. Edmonds was the man. Loved reading all of those Twitter posts.

  3. I kind of always hoped he would find his way to the Yanks. Never happened. Oh well.


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