Monday, November 9, 2015

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Cards from all flavors from Canada.

It's hard to root for anything in professional American football these days, but I am ostensibly an Eagles fan. I don't mind getting Eagles cards since I pretty much never buy football packs, so it's always nice to get a look at something new, like these cards sent to me from buckstorecards. I like that Topps used a different design rather than copying the baseball template, but they still retained some of the flavor of this year's baseball release by giving it a colorful border.

Wow, Photoshop! In another universe, I could probably do an Airbrushed Fridays feature for football cards considering that Topps still has a license (or has one again.) I think they are losing it soon, actually. DeMarco Murray was the league's rushing leader last season, but he's been disappointing this year as the Eagles have struggled to find a consistent offense and have divided carries among several talented backs. With a win last night over their rival Cowboys, I'm hoping the Eagles can find their way to take a very weak NFC East.

I also got some ex-Ducks in the deal which I am saving for a future Ducks post, but this Mariota card was too choice to pass up for a scan tonight. This card apparently was given out at The National. Mariota plays for a dreadful Titans team, but he's had some bright moments and looked really impressive in his team's, er, two victories.

I also snagged a healthy pile of 2010-11 Donruss NBA cards for the set that I'd love to complete someday. Did anyone remember that Shaq played for the Celtics at one point? I certainly forgot!

Keen observers may have noticed that the Hamm Count also increased, but we're not going to see much of Mr. Hamm until that count reaches 9. I have to be careful how much Hamm I let loose on the blog, you know.

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