Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Late to the Party: Heritage Edition

My annual "I finally bought some Topps Heritage" post. 

Last month's Loot Locker packs notwithstanding, last week was my first opportunity to actually dig in to this year's Topps Heritage set. I don't really sweat the timing of it all, to be perfectly honest. I know that, for example, Gypsy Queen is already out, but it's not like I'm going to be buying much of that. On a quick trip to Target, I snagged a blaster and a $9.99 35-card box (whatever those are called) and was on my merry way.

Big Papi's Chrome insert was in the very first pack. This will probably make some Red Sox fan happy as I don't tend to hang on to these unless they're a candidate for my team or player collections. Ideally, I'm a Heritage master set builder, but I draw a line at chrome-y gloss because it doesn't really fit the spirit of the Heritage brand. (If you have Cardinals stuff like this, then we should probably talk!)

This may look familiar, because I also pulled a King Felix SP in one of my two Loot Locker hobby packs.

It seems like Joey Bats and King Felix always get the SP treatment. It's almost as if Topps thinks no one would chase short printed cards of some team's poor backup catcher.

I was pretty excited when I heard about things like "stand-ups" and "discs" being retail inserts in this year's Heritage set. So, imagine my confusion (and dismay) when I pulled this stupid card that is just pretending to be something. The "stand-up" design is just that - a design. This doesn't fold out or punch out into anything. Totally pointless.

On the bright side, I don't think Topps Heritage on-card autographs are never going to not be awesome. I always gripe about there not being any Marlins fans or collectors out there, but this is the one time it doesn't matter because I'm probably keeping this.

In it's 16th year, this New Age Performers design is kind of a yawner, I'm afraid.


The $9.99 hangar-pack-or-whatever actually netted me my only Cardinals card of the day. This is a nice photo, but an even better one would've been of Carlos Martinez giving a home run hitter the requisite cup-of-water-in-the-face.

I didn't know Eddie Mathews ever played for the Astros! I learned stuff.

When you see a card of a star player in the middle of the pack, you just know it's going to be a short print. Pretty predictable, guys.

Tulo has had a dreadful start to his career with the Blue Jays, but at least he's not injured, right? Right?

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  1. I'm not to high on this year's Heritage, I'll probably get a few packs here and there but I won't buy tons of it like I did last year. I really enjoyed last year's product but this year it just looks bland and uninspired.


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