Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Celebrating a Blazers playoff win with a Listia win. 

I picked this 'Sheed card up off of Listia (yeah, I still use it) the other day, and it was waiting in the mailbox for me tonight when I got home from watching the Blazers/Clippers playoff game down at the local watering hole. The Blazers have now won three straight playoff games for the first time since this guy was the star of the team.

This is a piece of game-worn... (drumroll, please...)... warm-up jacket! If your guess was shorts, sorry, maybe next time?


  1. Cool pickup. I love 'Sheed. "Ball don't lie!"

  2. After last nights' Hornets win over the Heat I too found myself online looking to pick up a card or two to celebrate the win. Looks like I may be walking away with a nice low numbered autograph patch card of Courtney Lee who helped seal the win last night!


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