Monday, April 4, 2016

Results, Results, Results

Did you win? Did I? Contest results and Group Break results from @allstarboxbreak

March Radness is over! It's April already and it's probably already time to go out and mow your lawn. Villanova dropped North Carolina on a buzzer beater tonight, and now there are prizes to be distributed.

In 1st Place was reader Danny L. (rladish), who in addition to being the only person who correctly picked Villanova to go all the way, was the 2013 "winner" of worst bracket. This topsy-turvy tournament produced a very tight race for the consolation prizes, with espn28013321, Cardboard Collections, and Wilson (2013 top prize) finishing 2nd, 3rd, and 4th respectively. They all won stuff. Meanwhile, 2013's 2nd Place finisher became 2016's worst with reader Brian C. (B) finishing at the bottom of a heap of lousy brackets. (Hey, mine was lousy, too.) Winners (and "winner"), please contact me soon, especially if you're the one with the default espn username so I know where to send your stuff!

In other news, I snagged the Blazers with a minimum $1.99 bid on an eBay box break auction recently from All-Star Box Breaks. I've never really jumped into the box break thing (especially not with basketball), but I've been following them on Twitter and so forth for a bit and decided to dip my toe in. I'm a sucker for getting my guaranteed team at a low price, which is exactly what happened here.

It was a 3 box break consisting of this year's Prizm (already a big fan), Court Kings (looked cool, didn't get any cards but the odds were not really in any team's favor) and Totally Certified - from which came this Dame card here. It looks a lot nicer than it scans, with some raised elements present on the card. This will look nice in my binder when I get around to organizing my Blazers (which is next on my list after I get my Cardinals wants under control.)

I also am excited about scoring a pair of Blazers playoff tickets for the first time in my life. For someone who usually goes to around 10 games a year (give or take a few depending on the season and what's going on in my life), it's pretty stupid that I haven't taken the plunge to playoffland yet. Assuming they clinch a playoff spot (likely but not a certainty yet), I will finally get to knock this off my list of awesome things to do.

So that's it, 4 cards for $1.99, including the Al-Farouq Aminu Prizm version (i.e. refractor) of his Prizm card. Can't complain about that. I didn't get a hit but I didn't walk away empty handed, either, which is all I was hoping for.


  1. I like participating in the contest, even though I hate it when my bracket inevitably falls apart.

  2. Surprised I finished 3rd this year! Thanks for hosting again!


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