Monday, September 12, 2016

A Deeper Shade of Allen & Ginter

Prestige Ginter cards and more from @bbcardclubhouse fill an otherwise bleak evening. 

Last year, to mark the 10th anniversary of the revived tobacco card style product, Topps put together an all-black super version of their Allen & Ginter set. While it looks really nice, I didn't set out to collect it because it was harder to come by and I still haven't done a very good job on the main set (or 2014 for that matter.) I've only managed to acquire what I could for my Cardinals collection through trades, and this time Adam from Cardboard Clubhouse was there to help me out.

There were some other non-Ginter X additions to my collection, including this 1st Day Issue card of every girl's dream.

Well, he's no Mark Rzepczynski, but I wonder if anyone called him Scrabble.

Included among the Ginter X cards was this mini card of Jhonny Peralta, because every fancified parallel set needs to have its own parallels.

Speaking of fancy, I'll leave you with this gold leafed Adam Wainwright card from last year's Stadium Club.

Come back soon, weekend!

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  1. Hey! I've got some 2015 Ginter Cardinals and a bunch more from that set that I could send your way. I'm more of a basketball card collector, so maybe we could trade some stuff to fill out my player collections. Let me know!


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